Seventeen Years

I turned 17 a few days ago, thank you for well-wishing… If only internally. It wasn’t a particularly spectacular birthday, but it did what it was meant to do. I got older, those who care about me sent me messages, those who are not so caring tried to turn my day into a day about […]

New Hobbies, New Life, New Friends

I don’t feel myself. Well, I do. It’s confusing. I feel so like myself, it feels unnatural. For the first time in… Well, years, I suppose, I’ve been able to be myself in front of people. I’ve been able to be the flamboyant imbecile, not the stuck-up, insensitive prick. I’ve got a new life. I […]

This is weird

Right, the clever ones of you may recall that yesterday, I passed out and blogged about it. I don’t remember blogging about it. I can only recall about three hours of yesterday: the hour before I passed out, the hour after I woke up, and the hour I was at bellringing. I can remember most […]

I fainted

So, today was fun. I’ll explain. I got to college as normal, ready for a banter-filled lesson with my tutor (we’ll call him Paul). Only, I felt ill. The lesson went on for about half an hour before Paul noticed I wasn’t well. He kept asking if I was okay. It got to having an […]

I Apologise in Advance

You need to start reminding me to blog. My memory is atrocious and my life isn’t helping it out. Sorry. I’ll elaborate. Patrick and I- well. That is no longer a pairing I’d like to see or hear about. He decided it’d be best for both of us (presumably he meant it’d be best for […]

Where Have I Gone…?

Lucky people. Besides actual face-to-face conversation, you people who choose to read this are the only people who will hear from me now. Until I’m back to normal.  Purging. I’ve been purging for a while now (it’s actually been a year, give or take a month or two) and I’m not sure how or why […]


Is it just me who this happens to? I will find something that doesn’t apply to me in any way, and it will somehow apply to me. I’ll tell you this example. I grew up listening to My Chemical Romance and my favourite album, without my knowledge, was The Black Parade. But I never listened […]