If I could

Sometimes I wish I could go back in time. Not like most people who wish they could change something they did years or seconds ago.

I was with my father the other day. He says some shit about my mum that I don’t like hearing and in his words “I shouldn’t hear but… *insert bitching*” The other day, he told his friend that I live in a certain town with my mum. Then he said “I do wish I’d never moved to ~this town~ back in 1999.” 

That’s an ambiguous statement if I ever heard one. That could either mean he wishes he’d never met my mum, or he’d never had me. 

You could say I’m reading too deep into it. But I think I’m on the right lines. He doesn’t hate my mum. He told me that. So I can only think it was the latter.

So, as I was saying. If I could go back in time, I’d stop my parents meeting each other. I’d put everything into them not meeting that day. Then we’d all be happy. You wouldn’t be wasting your time reading this either. You’d be reading something good from someone who isn’t me. I wouldn’t be here. Then you’d all be better off. I know it.


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