Right then… Blog time!

It’s been a week since you last had to suffer my words… So here we go. A new ramble.

I’m currently on a train; I’ve just finished at my school’s Spring Concert. Naturally it started raining, because Lancashire weather, and all that. 

Holy shit, I’m warm…

Anyway. I’ve just gotten on the train. I’m shattered, and I’m hungry. But besides that, I’m in good spirits. I’m just… concerned.

I’ve somehow managed to lose two friends. One of them nearly jeopardised (love that word) my friendship with the other person. Then the other person jeopardised our friendship anyway. So I’m honestly unsure how to feel about everything.

Ah well… At least I didn’t die today like my little brother said I would:

Brother: Sapphire, why won’t you be home til late?

Me: Because I’m at school all day. 

Brother: What, and you’re going to die?

Me: Erm… No. No, I’m not going to die. 

Brother: Yes you are.

Me: Fine then…
Strangeness runs in the family…


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