Oh, it’s been a while…

… Sorry about the delay. A lot has happened since we last spoke:

I turned 16, I got into radio presenting at a hospital radio station, I realised that my immune system takes its Christmas holiday early (i.e. some point between October 27th and November 30th for a few weeks) because I ALWAYS get a cold just in time for my school carol service (a few days before Christmas) which always disappears before the 23rd of December. I spent many, many minutes of every school week arguing with my Music teacher. I got over my favourite presenter leaving my favourite radio station, which means my hiatus of listening to the station ended. 

Anyways, I’m very cold at the moment; according to the “Very Inaccurate Yet Always Relied Upon” thermometer, it is about 15°C in my bedroom. It’s also about 4°C outside. So I have to rely on the “Slower Than A Slug Across A Salt Trail” electric blanket to warm me up. Oh joy…

Ah yes, I also realised I’m WAY too formal when I meet people. I started training as a presenter, as I mentioned earlier, and my trainer person guy person man, who we shall refer to as “Joe” told me that I didn’t have to worry about being uptight about my language, re my refusal to swear in front of people I hardly knew. He basically said that I had to use a profanity of some description before we left the studio. I forgot to do so, until we finished our show. At which point, I said “Oh shit, I forgot to swear”. Literal celebrations ensued. 

I’ve also managed to restrain myself from blanking out either on air or in the studio off air, which is excellent; I tend to blank out of conversations while I’m speaking, which leads to embarrassing silences before someone realises I ain’t gonna carry on speaking til I “wake up”. Granted, I’ve only been in for a total of four hours, but that’s a sixth of a day in total, and so, I’m doing pretty fucking well. 

I’ll let you get back to doing whatever you were doing prior to reading this. 


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