On A Lighter Note…

Ah, it’s been negative for a while, hasn’t it? Hasn’t it? I can’t really remember. I remember the last piece of shit I wrote. Ellen, the mother of my friend, Lola, decides after meeting me once that I am solely responsible for her daughter’s depression. Which, to be fair to me, hasn’t been diagnosed, so… 

Jesus, Sapphire, calm down. It’s on a lighter note. 

Here’s the lighter note:

I have hopped from different career goals since the age of seven. Here are my career goals, in order, and yes, there are supposed to be some repeats:

Doctor, vet, nurse, vet, teacher, vet, zookeeper, author, chef, zookeeper, doctor, nurse, vet and author, teacher, chef, teacher, radio presenter

Basically, I have been mixed between seven careers, and then radio presenting. The radio presenting one has been my longest dedication. Since June 2015 I have been looking into becoming a radio presenter. That’s over a year. Now, given that there were seventeen hops before radio presenting, that means I only looked into each hop for… 84 months, divided by seventeen… averaging out at less than five months each. As opposed to my over 14 months for radio presenting.

But, here I am… On the verge of reconsidering.

I blame my local radio station. I really, really do. I used to hate radio with a burning passion, to the extent where I wouldn’t have thought twice about getting rid of it. But, I tried listening to my local radio station in May 2015 and became completely hooked to the extent where I half-befriended a presenter. 

Good right? No. Because he’s leaving.

(Wasn’t this meant to be a happy post?)

On his last show, I called the studio to have one last chat with him. And I cried down the phone to him. He’s my role model. So, we had a 14 minute, 14 second conversation. Most of this was me asking about what was next for his show. Some was him consoling me. Towards the end, I began crying again. I said that he was the reason I decided I wanted to be a radio presenter. He said, in one of the most firm, yet friendly tones I’ve EVER heard him speak in: “You become a radio presenter, Sapphire. You follow your passion, and keep working your way into radio.” I was happy that he was so insistent on me following my passion. I know that he was telling me this because he wanted me to keep trying to get into radio. 

On this particular station, they always tell the listeners that the hardest part of being a radio presenter is “making friends you’ll never meet” but the difference with me, is that A) they’ve met me, B) we all get on, and C) they all know me as a radio enthusiast, and a devoted listener to their station. As pathetic as it sounds, I’ve been called the station’s “biggest fan”. That’s one presenter’s way of saying it. Two others refer to me as a friend. I speak to one of them, and they give my name the suffix of “-Meister” which won’t mean much to you. But I’ve been informed that that’s his way of referring to his friends: their first name, and then “-Meister”

Anyway, the reconsideration. I nearly dropped radio presenting. 


I have recently gotten into Gordon Ramsay, and his many TV shows. He’s inspirational to me. I nearly gave up radio presenting to go back into wanting to be a chef. 

But I remembered that presenter’s words of encouragement: “You become a radio presenter, Sapphire. You follow your passion, and keep working your way into radio.” 

I will. I won’t let you down


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