“Under Pressure”

As Bowie and Mercury once sang, “pressure, pushing down on me…” This year is an important year in my school life. GCSE year. This means revision, understanding, effort, dedication… I can’t do that crap at at the best of times. But I’m even worse at it when I’ve got other things on my mind. 

As I’m nearly 16 (there you go, you got my age, bravo) I’m in that tricky part of life where I can be treated as an adult, but I’m still a child. So, I’m always expected to act as both an adult and a child. I’m expected to take the weight off other people when they have a problem, yet I’m meant to be carefree. I’m meant to act mature, yet I’m meant to be… well… A child. It doesn’t work out at all. 

I’ve got important decisions to make, like whether I go to college or sixth form, which college/sixth form out of the many of each in my local area, what to study there, whether I should look at getting a job… The list is endless. 

I love being seen as a young adult, but nobody else sees the young part of it. Yes, I’m maturing. Yes, I’m learning about the world. Yes, I’m getting new experiences. Yes, it’s a year til I’ll have finished school. No, I’m not an adultI should be able to have fun, act my age, not worry if I get a C instead of my predicted A*s, As and Bs. But I can’t. Adult decisions and emotions are pushed onto young people too soon. I mean, I heard a 10 year old start worrying about their GCSEs and ending up homeless because they’d fail them. They have 4 years before they even choose them, but they’re already scared about them. That’s just wrong.


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