Aspirations, Dreams, Wishes

When you learn definitions of words, you often learn synonymous words and phrases, as well as words that seem similar, but aren’t. Three words which are taught differently are the following: aspirations, dreams, wishes. 

An aspiration is a hope or ambition of achieving something. A dream is a cherished aspiration, ambition or ideal. A wish is a desire or hope for something to happen. 

These words are interchangeable. The amount of bold and italic writing shows that these are pretty much exactly the same words. They’re synonymous with each other. 

Why then, are you never asked for your aspirations? Nobody, except a radio presenter, has ever asked me for my aspirations, but I have been asked, even in high school, aged 14, as I was when I was asked, about my dream job, my dream home, my dream family. I’ll tell you why this is. 

The words I mentioned earlier. They’re interchangeable. No doubt about that. But, if I asked you about your aspirations in life, you’d suddenly feel obliged to make a rational decision. Because an aspiration is about achieving something and if you set yourself a target you cannot achieve, you’re likely to feel bad about yourself, yes? If I asked you about your dreams for your life, you’ll be more creative, as it’s only an ideal. Which you can dream about, but you know there’s a slight chance it may not happen to you. If I asked you about your lifetime wishes, I know you’d tell me a half realistic, half almost ridiculous idea. Because it’s a hope, not an achievement. 

I know you’d tell me these things, because I look at these words, and say this: I aspire to be a radio presenter. I dream about being a famous singer/songwriter. I wish to have a job which pays well, but I also enjoy. 

An aspiration is realistic, to a certain degree, as long as you don’t fuck up your way to your aspiration. A dream is is the definition of artistic licence. Technically, it could happen, but it’s not likely. A wish is the halfway point between an aspiration and a dream, as it bridges the gap between your ideas. Being a radio presenter doesn’t always pay well, but I’d certainly enjoy it. Being a famous singer/songwriter pays well, but the pressure makes its appeal fade away, so it wouldn’t be as fun. See what I mean? These interchangeable words are different if you overthink them.
Ignore what I’ve just told you. Aspire, dream and wish to do whatever the fuck you want. Don’t let people tell you there’s a difference between an aspiration and a dream and a wish. An aspiration is a dream is a wish. Technicalities aside, of course.


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