Fuck me, it’s hot

Seriously, England? Can’t you make it hot when we actually want it to be hot? I am trying to fucking sleep here, you mongrel piece of shit.  I intentionally stayed up til 10 past 1 to watch Kitchen Nightmares USA and then it suddenly got really hot in the living room, and now I feel like I’m in a fucking kitchen nightmare.

Slow roasted Sapphire, anyone?

I mean, come on! I appreciate the fact that we’re now on the arse-end of summer and all that crap, but fucking hell! It’s gone quarter past fucking three in the morning! As if the heat wasn’t a problem, one dog keeps snoring, the other is insisting on sleeping on the settee with me and so it is even hotter.

Does it bear thinking about… Nah. Fuck sleep, right… I need to get up at 8. 8AM. I know blogging isn’t helping, but neither are the following:

The heat, the dogs, moths, midges, the settee, other insects… Fuck me. Long live winter… When it comes around.


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