It’s been a while


I haven’t spoken to you in a while, have I? Not a lot has happened since then to be honest. The rash on my dad’s leg turned out to be insect bites, so that was a night of sleep I’ll never get back. But hey, at least he’s not seriously ill! I went on holiday with my friend and his family to Morecambe. 6 days of generic Lancashire weather, but then on the last day, I damaged my arm in a bumper car. Still don’t know what I’ve done, as far as I’m aware, my dad’s taking me to get it checked today.

But let’s move on.

I opened a blog on WordPress because my mum did. She uses it to get her feelings out and express herself in a way which suits her. Suits me too, so here I am.

Her blog is primarily based on coping with tragedy like family deaths, and also about family in general. It inspires me to be strong like her.

My blog is similar. It’s here to allow me to talk when I don’t feel I can. And also to help people see things are the same for someone else. Or even to amuse. I’d like it if it amused someone out there in Internetland.

I’m worried about my arm. At first it was only hugely painful in my wrist, but now the pain is all through the outside of my right forearm (I believe the bone is called the ulna). I hope it’s not a fracture, but it’ll be nice to find out.


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